Electric Slimming Waist Trainer

Stimulating trainer belt that grows all your muscles without having to do a thing. The slim belt helps to lose weight, enhance metabolism, promote blood circulation, massage tired muscles, reduce stiffness and pain, restore muscle elasticity, also beneficial to your waist, spine, hip, knees, hands, legs, thighs or shoulders.

Magnetic Weight loss Steel Bracelet

Adopts the magnetic therapy to improve body's internal circulation and maintain health for men and women. This bracelent can help enhance metabolism and reduce weight. A perfect gift for family members, friends and others. The elastic design makes it fit your wrist comfortably, healthy and safe for long-term wearing.

Magnetic Weight Loss Insoles

Made of cushioned soft fabric great for your feet, including powerful magnets will help to improve blood flow for better circulation. Run comfortably with this foot massager. Using the latest nanotechnology materials, combined with traditional Chinese medicine (hot moxibustion theory) and condensed polymer energy reactor composite!

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Medical Alert Braided DIABETIC and Other Awareness Bracelet

The American Diabetes Association® recommends that all people with diabetes wear a diabetes medical alert identification bracelet, especially if you're on a diabetes medication that can lower the blood sugar and cause hypoglycemia (low blood sugar reactions)

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Breast Cancer Awareness Medical Alert Bracelet

Wear the bracelet to show your support for the fight against breast cancer! Spread hope & awareness to those you love through pink. Be strong, Be fearless, Be brave in the fight for the cure!

Infrared Thermometer Laser - Model DM300

The non-contact temperature measurement device that every household should have! You can easily check to see if your baby has a fever. You can also check to see if your food objects are cooked at proper temperature too!

Super Sucker Shower Handle Support Grab Bar - 2Pcs

Takes only a few seconds to install and yet will help prevent many accidents from occurring in the bathroom. Increases Bathing/Showering Safety for Children, Elderly Users & People with Injuries

Digital Blood Pressure Tonometer And Pulse Rate Diagnostic Monitor Tool

Measuring your blood pressure and keeping a record of the measurements will show how much your blood pressure changes during the day. Your doctor can use your record of measurements to see how well your medicine is working to control your high blood pressure

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Stainless Steel Red Star of Life Medical ID Pendant Necklace

The "Blue" Star of Life has traditionally been used as a means of identification for medical personnel, equipment, and vehicles. Many ambulance services mark the symbol on their vehicles, and ambulance crews often wear the design as part of their uniform

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14 Grid Detachable Pill Case Box with Splitter Cutter

It's just nice to have a decent pill case that you can detach a single day's worth of pills (if needed) as well as cut a pill in half (if needed) without using a knife and cutting yourself or scratching your kitchen counter!

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Stress Release - Fidget LED Spinner with Bluetooth Speaker

Fidget spinners help to gain focus, attention, calm and creativity. Proven to help in reducing stress, anxiety, and symptoms associated with nail biting, hair twirling, or leg bouncing. Now you can listen to your favorite music while playing with this fidget spinner

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Digital Finger OLED Pulse Oximeter

The Finger Pulse Oximeter is the affordable and accurate way to check pulse rates and blood oxygen saturation levels

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Men's Ultimate Body Slimming Tummy Vest

This revolutionary new body shaping product, designed specifically for MEN, to give a Firm, Slimmer and more Desirable look, is a must for all Men!!